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Guam is famous for many things, but one of the most famous aspects of Guam is the islands nature and landscape itself. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and many of the residents have stayed even during the harshest times because there is no better tropical or peaceful life.

One of the things that make Guam truly special is the many companies situated on the island that maintain the island itself. We have landscapers and irrigators who make sure that the island always stays clean and civilised.

Part of the trouble to maintain Guam is the supply of cleaning materials and the tools that the landscapers and janitorial staff need. You might not believe it, but we must ship bleach, sheers and all types of equipment from America directly using many of our trading routes because there is no other way to do so without it being expensive.

In an act designed to help Guam stay as beautiful as possible, we have recently initiated a charity scheme for the entire area, and fund all these products ourselves. One of the reasons we do so is the tax break that we receive from the government for being good citizens, but the real reason we do so is to keep the island beautiful.

You would be surprised how many tourists do not treat the island how they would expect to have their home treated. Sadly, during the tourist seasons there are many customers that throw litter on the ground or act like animals, and the profit we make from our business loan interest pays for cleaning their mess. In an act of irony, most of these businesses including my own would not exist without them.

While it is a lovely place to live, like any area there are negatives that make all citizens question just how things work. But nonetheless, it is part of the island now.

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