A loan for a surfing school!

One of the best things about Guam is the many surfing schools that are situated around the island. There are so many tourists that come for a suffers holiday, most of them from locations you could guess. You would think that we would hate them by now, but they are some of the most respectful customers, and they do bring a lot of money for us!

So, when we heard that a few of them wanted to stay in Guam to open a surfing school, we were happy to welcome them. On average, we have 20,000 people who come to Guam for surfing, and the rest usually just want to relax by the beach. But some of the more adventurous couples or tourists want to learn to surf at some point too.

One of the fun things about having so many surfing schools is that the locals get to learn to surf for free. It was part of their initiative scheme when they wanted to open the school. They offered to teach the locals to surf with the tourists, but only when it was in season, which we felt was reasonable.

At first, we were worried it would not be profitable. We did not think many of the natural tourists would be interested in learning how to surf as it wouldn’t be a hobby they would pick up at home. But we were surprised to find that the school itself was very cheap to operate, and a few students a year would pay for most of the facilities.

In the aspect of affordability, it seemed like it would not be a risk to accept the loan, and so far, it has become more of a profit maker for us and the teachers than we ever thought it could be. It would have to be considered a success.

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